Two gentlemen smartly dressed in a Glenisla Kilt and full Highland dress

Welcome to Glenisla Kilts

The home of quality kilt making

Glenisla Kilts have been producing quality garments for over 30 years and have in the process established themselves as the major producer of gents kilts in Scotland.

The factory is based in Lanarkshire and employs 50 highly skilled staff experienced in the unique methods of production that make Glenisla Kilts leaders in the field of kilt manufacturing.

The company have through their development of methods and investment in skills and machinery taken kilt production from being a protracted mode of production to what it is today at Glenisla that is a quality article of guaranteed consistency produced by a highly efficient workforce capable of meeting deadlines due to reduced lead-times.

The evidence of the companyís ability is validated by their client portfolio which includes major wholesalers and retailers numerous independent retailers and last but not least The Royal Regiment of Scotland for whom Glenisla Kilts is the sole manufacturer of kilts.

The company however despite the large volume contracts they undertake welcome production from any source regardless of size to the point which was confirmed by their recent customer survey in line with ISO 9001 that there was clear evidence of increased turnover due to the service quality and competitive price offered by Glenisla.

So in essence what do you get from Glenisla Kilts?

  • A quality product tried and tested by the MOD thatís fit for the purpose;
  • A reduced lead time which benefits cash flow;
  • Confidence of delivery to customer on time;
  • The ability to respond quickly to customers requests.

In short the luxury of placing all your kilt orders at one source and never having to worry again about kilt makers letting you down. This enables you to run and develop your business and not be at the mercy of independent kilt makers.